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April is Car Care Month!

Published on Mar 18, 2023 by Editorial Team

Mar 30, 2022

Each year, the Car Care Council supports two months to raise awareness about the importance of car care and preventative maintenance. These months are National Car Care Month in April and Fall Car Care Month in October.

April seems to be the month where winter starts to come to an end. This is a perfect opportunity to get your car or truck in for routine service, so you can hit the road for Spring and Summer road trips!

Basic maintenance is a great way to improve your vehicle’s safety and dependability, plus it can help you avoid costly repairs in the future. Car care that is neglected often leads to more expensive repairs down the road, as well as lost resale value. If you own a car, chances are it needs some work. Keep your vehicle updated and healthy during National Car Care Month!

Our Certified Service Managers have compiled some tips to keep your vehicle in great shape!

Schedule a Full Tune-up
Schedule a full tune-up with our Service Team and we will do a complete inspection of your vehicle. Remember: frequent tuneups at regular intervals cost less than a major tune up, due to neglect.

Replace Wiper Blades
For optimal wiper performance and safety, replace windshield wiper blades every six months or when cracked, cut, torn, streaking or chattering.

Have your tires checked
Tire tread wear should be checked for uneven or irregular wear, as well as cuts and bruises along the sidewalls. Your car’s alignment should be checked every year to increase fuel economy and handling and reduce tire wear.

Breaks should be inspected annually 
You should inspect the brake system each year and the brake linings, rotors, and drums every time you change the oil.

Oil, Filters and Fluids
In addition to checking and replacing oil after every fill-up, your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant fluid, and windshield washer fluid should also be checked. When you stop in for your oil change, this is something our Service Technicians will automatically do for you.

Battery Connection
Your battery connection should be clean, tight and corrosion-free. Batteries that are more than three years old should be tested, and if needed, replaced.

Inspect for Exhaust Leaks
If there is an unusual noise in your exhaust system, have it checked for leaks, damage and broken supports or hangers. Exhaust leaks can be dangerous and need to be corrected immediately.

Steering and Suspension Inspection

The steering and suspension system, including shock absorbers and struts, as well as chassis parts, such as ball joints and tie rod ends, should be inspected every April (or at least annually). 

Schedule your Service today!
A little maintenance can go a long way toward improving the safety and dependability of your vehicle as well as reducing the risk of expensive repairs down the road. This month is the best time to get your car or truck ready for spring driving, summer road trips, or to resolve any lingering issues you may have put off over the winter.

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