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Kunes Car Convos: Lindsey and Kristen talk about the Quincy YMCA

Kunes Auto & RV Group Presents Kunes Car Convos: Quincy YMCA

Published on May 24, 2024 by Matthew Kroll

Kunes Car Convos: Quincy YMCA

In this episode of Kunes Car Convos

  • 3:09 - Fun fact! 📚
  • 5:04 - Free classes! 🎓
  • 7:52 - Fore the Kids ⛳
  • 12:32 - It’s more than just a job 🏢
  • 15:46 - Turkey Run! 🦃

In today's Kunes Car Convo, we are joined by Lindsey Miller, who works part time at the YMCA, and Kristen Ley, marketing and development director at the YMCA in Quincy, IL. They go over what is so great about the YMCA, what programs are offered, and upcoming events at the Y.

After School and Summer Camp Programs

The Y in Quincy offers many programs. They have an after school program and they have a summer camp program .Their after school program is for kids to get a snack, get some homework help, and do an activity before going home.

The summer camp is an all day camp from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM where the goal is for every kid to leave tired, this is accomplished by going bowling, swimming, gymnastics and just keeping them as busy as possible for those 11 hours.

Youth Sports at the YMCA

The Y also offers a litany of youth sports, with youth basketball being the most popular with 300 kids currently playing in their basketball programs. They also offer youth volleyball, baseball, and football.

One important thing that Kristen always reminds the youth coaches is that you never know if you're the only positive adult figure in that kid's life and to make sure to remember that when you are coaching these kids.

Upcoming Golf Tournament

Lindsey and her husband started organizing a golf tournament about five years ago when outdoor activities were the only option. The event went so well that they decided to start making it an annual event. This year's tournament is on June 14th, and there are already 15 teams signed up!

Rewarding Parts of working at the YMCA

The most rewarding part of Lindsey's job at the Y is the relationships she has cultivated over the years. She cherishes the connections she has made with members, sports participants, coworkers, and summer camp kids, watching them grow up over the years.

Kristen also spoke about the rewarding relationships she has built at the Y. She mentioned how the people who come in for morning coffee often ask to see photos of her kids, reflecting the strong sense of community there. For Kristen, the Y feels like a family where you really get to know people. She added that there isn't a store in Quincy where she doesn't run into someone she knows from the Y.

What Changes are happening inside the YMCA right now?

The Y recently announced plans to modernize their nearly 50-year-old facility, recognizing the need for updates. After months of thorough research and planning, they are eager to begin the renovation process. These improvements will enhance the experience for all members, and the Y is excited about the positive changes that the future holds for the community.

Future Events: Turkey Run!

The Annual Turkey Run is held every year on thanksgiving. Around 2500-3000 people show up every year!  There are fun shirts that every attendee gets with a fun unique design and people sometimes come dressed up as turkeys, or other thanksgiving themed outfits. It is just a really fun event that helps bring the community together every year on the same day.

For more information about the YMCA and what they do, check out their website here

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